In this quick-paced, ever-changing world, Belle Sol has shifted from an in-person to an online platform in order for you to access the tools you might be looking for at your convenience. The instant download empowerment workbooks mean that you can get started immediately on paving a new path. These workbooks are for you if you are struggling with a major decision in your life or need a reminder of who you are and why you’re special. Choose from two topics: Goal-Setting and Self-Love.

Empowerment Boxes

Empowerment boxes are a great way to send a special girl in your life a gift while at the same giving her a social-emotional lesson on a variety of topics. These boxes are a fun and easy way to help boost self-esteem, build confidence and learn about taking care of herself at a young age. These are priceless tools she can take with her into adulthood. Each box comes with a special gift and a lesson related to the topic you have purchased. The recipient will look forward to receiving this in the mail or love a surprise package!

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